The EFC Heritage Society is a voluntary group researching and chronicling the rich history of Everton Football Club.

The Society was founded by Dr David France in 2008 to promote and preserve the rich heritage of our great football club.

Since then, EFCHS has grown and a full list of members is below:

Dr David France, OBE – Founder and Life President


Brendan Connolly, Chairperson and collector of Everton memorabilia.

Richard Gillham, Secretary and Media Officer.

Paul Kelly, Treasurer.

Peter Lupson, Vice-chairperson and author.


Ste Blease, programme specialist

Gavin Buckland, author and statistician

James Corbett, author

Paul Gallagher, historian

Kjell Hanssen, historian

Steve Johnson, author, statistician and historian

Alison Jones, Everton ladies

Peter Jones, historian specialising in Everton links with the war

Lyndon Lloyd, Society webmaster and owner of Toffeeweb

Crawford Miles, video archivist

Tony Onslow, author and historian

George Orr, author, historian and life member

Mike Owen author and Ruleteros member

David Prentice, journalist and author

Thomas Regan

Ken Rogers, author, journalist and historian

John Rowlands, author and historian

Rob Sawyer, author and historian.

John Shearon, Ruleteros Chairman

Paul Simpson, memorabilia collector

Billy Smith, author, researcher and historian

James Smith, website construction

Tony Wainwright

Keith Wilson

Steve Zocek, author